Introducing your 2012 AKC USA World Agility Team!

The remainder of the team has been chosen, drum roll….here they are!

Small Dogs

Dee Anna Gamel and Kelsi

Denise Kilpatrick and Tyler

Laura Dolan and Race

Marcy Mantell and Wave

Alternate: Barb Davis and Skecher

Medium Dogs

Ashley Deacon and Luka

Jean Lavalley and Cheer

John Nys and Rush

Laurene Galgano and Token

Alternate: Maureen Waldron and Mickle

Large Dogs

Channan Fosty and Icon

Daisy Peel and Solar

Silvina Bruera and Tcam

Tori Self and Rev

Alternate: Terry Smorch and Presto

Here’s the PDF posted to the AKC Website this morning:¬†2012WTAnnouncement

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