Team 2011 - France

Team 2011

The following dog and handler teams will be representing the USA at the FCI World Championships in Lievin, France.

Small Dog Team




Barb Davis and Skecher – Jahdo Skechers at Strathspey MX MXJ OF
Janet Dunn and Tantrum – Sheeza Friendz’d Conniption MX MXJ XF
Dee Anna Gamel and Kelsi – NAC MACH8 Hilltop Kelsi Lee Kinsella
Marcy Mantell and Wave – NAC MACH6 Plail’s Few and Far Between CDX RN PT MXF TQX

Alternate: Heidi Vania and Ice – MACH2 Ivan Lee Glacial Reflection OF


Medium Dog Team




Ashley Deacon and Luka – NAC MACH3 Luka De La Brise
Karen Holik and Sizzle – MACH6 Triunes Feelin Hot Hot Hot
John Nys and Rush – NAC MACH4 Bare Cove Blu Lite Special
Maureen Waldron and Mickle – MACH3 Plail’s It’s All About Me! MXF TQX


Large Dog Team




Laura Jones and Kep – MACH Kep
Daisy Peel and Solar – NAC MACH Super Sun OF
Tori Self and Rev – NAC Sagehill’s Change the World MX MXJ OF
Terry Smorch and Presto – MACH3 Hob Nob Up tempo Night Flight MXF TQX
Alternate: Rob Michalski and Wings – Sprite’s Haute Volee MX MXJ UD

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