Less than a week to go!

Less than a week to go until the team arrives in Germany! What an amazing and dedicated group of handlers we have on our team this year.  Yes, this group of handlers is a persistent and tenacious group, with world class handling and training skills,  but more importantly, it is a group of people who represents the best that our sport has to offer; great training skills, great respect for their canine partners, and just plain head over heels in love with their dogs.  Win, lose, or draw, you can expect to see some amazing runs this year at WC.  And, you can be assured that when the sun sets, and evening rolls in, no matter what the results were during the day’s competition, there will be a group of happy USA handlers with their dogs curled up in their beds beside them (I can only speak for myself, but this will be much to my husband’s dismay; Solar is a champion bed snuggler and has a knack for becoming instantly paralyzed when asked to get off the bed!).

Be sure to check out the live stream at www.agilityvision.com!!

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