Meet your first 2022 Team Members!


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Meet your first 2019 Team Members!

The following team members won their spots on the 2019 AKC USA Agility World Championship team at the 2019 Tryouts in San Jose in May 2019. Additional team members will be announced within the week. Congratulations!

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2019 Tryouts Courses and Results

Courses and overall results from the 2019 Tryouts for the AKC AWC Team


Jennifer Crank and Swift – Silver Medalists!

Congratulations to Jennifer Crank and her Shetland Sheepdog, Swift, for earning Individual Silver at the 2018 Agility World Championships!


Announcing: The 2016 AKC/USA World Team!

Congratulations to all new 2016 Team members and alternates who join the 6 existing members (listed at the top of each height list) that won their spots at this year’s Tryout.


Throwback Thursday: Celebrating TWENTY YEARS!!

This year the AKC/USA World Team celebrates 20 years of international competition at the FCI Agility World Championship!

In honor of this huge milestone, we’re sharing a BIG Throwback Thursday. Check out some of the Team’s most loved memories from the last 20 years, and watch the Team USA Facebook Page for even more later today!

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2015 AKC/USA Team Supporter Shirts

Help support the AKC/USA World Team’s trip to Italy for the FCI Agility World Championships this October by visiting the Team Store and purchasing a 2015 Supporter Shirt. All proceeds from the Team Store go toward supporting the team!!


Team Practice, Take 2!!

The 2015 Team attended the second team practice at Star Hill Family Athletic Center in Tolland, Connecticut over the weekend. (P.S. This is where Team Tryouts are set to be held in 2017! Mark that down, folks. The site is wonderful.) It was a weekend of smart, animated training on various drills and coursework from the World Championship judges. Plus bubble-soccer spectating, lip-syncing, dancing, and lots and lots of cheering.


2015 AKC/USA World Team Members

The AKC USA Agility Team website has been updated!! How exciting. And because it is never too late for an introduction, here is your 2015 Agility World Championship Team USA:


2014 AWC USA Team Announced!

The American Kennel Club is pleased to announce the 2014 AKC/USA Agility World Team Members:


2014 AWC Short List Announced

For 2014 our process of recognition of the top World Team Candidates will once again begin with notification of the teams which are on the Short List for each height category. It is from this list that we are choosing the 6 Team Members that did not win their Team spot at International Teams Tryouts. Please join me in congratulating those teams that are recognized on the AKC/USA Agility World Championships Team Short List.

Large Dogs

Ashley Anderson and Psi, Border Collie
Silvina Bruera and TCam, Border Collie
Roseanne …


2014 International Team Tryouts Results and Course Maps

Results and Course Maps from the 2014 ITT Tryouts!


2014 Team Tryouts – Watch The Live Stream!

The 2014 ITT Tryouts for the AWC and the EO are this weekend!
Be sure to check out the Live Stream!!


2014 Tryouts Rules Announced

The rules and regulations for the 2014 International Team Tryouts have been announced!

Please download this PDF file to read more:

2014 Tryouts Info


Congratulations to Rosanne DeMascio and Strafe

Congratulations to Rosanne and Strafe!


2013 AKC USA EO Team Announced

The full EO Team has been announced! We are pleased to introduce to you your 2013 AKC USA EO Team…


2013 International Team Tryouts Results

Congratulations to the 2013 AKC USA International Team Members!


2013 Tryouts Announced

This year, the USA World Agility Team is truly going to be THE USA Team!


Introducing your 2012 AKC USA World Agility Team!

The remainder of the team has been chosen, drum roll….here they are!


2012 Team Short List Announced

Announcing the 2012 AKC USA World Team Short List!


2012 Supporter Shirts are HERE!

Get yours today!


Congratulations New 2012 Team Members!

The 2012 AKC USA World Agility Team Tryouts were held this past weekend in Hopkins, Minnesota, at the Hopkins Pavilion.  Judges Marquand Cheek and Anne Riba judged some of the most invigorating courses you’ll see in the USA – and some were even designed by Kees Stoel, one of the 2012 World Championship judges!


2012 Team Calendar on sale now!

The 2012 Team Calendar is now available in the store! Order now and help support the team!


Top Ten Placements for 2011

The AKC/USA Agility World Team is proud to announce the Top Ten placements that the individual and teams received at the 2011 FCI World Agility Championship in Lievin, France on October 7-9, 2011


Live Streaming for the Event!

Get your popcorn ready and take a nap so you can stay up and watch live streaming!


The Final Countdown…

It’s the final countdown to the 2011 World Championships!


It’s not too late…

To donate and support the team!


Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose – Team Practice #2


Team Practice #1

Team Practice #1 was held in Sumner, WA this past weekend!


2011 Supporter Shirts – Order Now!

2011 Supporter Shirts – Get ‘Em While They’re Hot!


2011 Team Announced!


Congratulations to the 2011 AKC USA World Team Members, who will be representing the USA at the FCI World Agility Championships in Lievin, France, this fall!


Team Selection Day is TOMORROW!

For all those who have been anxiously waiting to see who the rest of the 2011 AKC USA World Agility Team will be, Tuesday May 24th is the big day. Team members will be contacted by the coach (including existing members), and after all the new and existing team members have been contacted, the AKC will announce the team in its entirety at the American Kennel Club Website.  We’ll also announce the team here.

Coming soon…

Supporter shirts will soon be available at the AKC website, from team …


2011 Tryouts Results

Congratulations to all who attended the 2011 AKC USA World Team Tryouts this May, in Hopkins, Minnesota.  The courses were amazing, as were the runs by all of the competitors!


The USAgility Team has a Facebook Page!

It’s official, the USAgility Team now has a Facebook Page! You can get updates on the USAgility Team blog, website, and other events using your Facebook page! Sign up to be a fan of our Facebook Page today so you can stay updated!


Practice from a Coach’s Perspective

There is nothing more thrilling than watching a team you are involved with come into the ring and lay down absolutely great runs.   That is the thrill I have been getting at each practice and that expect I will continue to get over the next 3 days s Team USA meets and conquors every challenge these judges will throw at them. 

Along that line, watching all 3 teams practice today made me very proud to be a part of this team.  All12 handlers made the most of …


REAL Practice

The Team at Practice in the Main Arena:

A Panorama of Official Practice (click to enlarge)


WT Giveaway Drawing

Well, we didn’t have the live stream we were hoping for (Eric of AgilityVision needed sleep after having just gotten in from the USA, imagine that!), but we did manage to get some video of the drawing last night at the team dinner!

2010 USA Agility World Team Gear Giveaway Drawing from Agility Dogs on Vimeo.


REAL practice!

Our final practice is this afternoon…practice in the main arena, with people watching, music playing, timers counting….the REAL deal!  Here is our practice set, the same set everybody must use:

Set up for the team practices today


2nd Practice

Yesterday we had a 3 hour practice in the afternoon.  I’m sure I’m just a bit biased, but our team looks GREAT.  Enjoy!

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Our First Practice!

The team had it’s first practice today, and everybody looked great! Here’s a sampling:


First Team Meeting!

Daisy here. We’re at out first team meeting right now, discussing the schedule for the rest of the week! Then we will all head back to our rooms to get our dogs, and then….first practice!!! I’ll try to get some video, no promises, though…


Thank you Monica and Clean Run!!

A huge thank you to Monica Percival and the staff at Clean Run, for your amazing donation (proceeds from the Comfort Flex Harnesses!!) to the 2010 AKC USA Agility World Team!! Most of us on the Team wouldn’t be here right now if it weren’t for the great information presented in Clean Run magazine, books, and DVDs! Whether you are a Novice competitor or a World Team Member, Clean Run has likely contributed in some way to your success – and those of us in …


Team Relaxation Day

Daisy and Solar outside the Nurnberg Operahouse

After a great breakfast at the Waldport hotel, a few of us headed over to the show site to take a look at the facilities.  It’s going to be exciting, that’s for sure! After that, several of us headed to Regensburg and walked around the city for a bit.  After visiting a beautiful cathedral and walking around for a bit, we split in to two groups.  I went with Nancy and her friend Ingrid, and Nancy …

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The team arrives

The Team started rolling into the hotel on Saturday and everyone was accounted for by the end of the day Sunday. The hotel has a charming German ambience and is only a half mile from the show site. This morning I am going to check out the show site and the separate stadium where we will train on Tuesday and Wednesday. The breakfast room is filled with team members chowing down and checking mail on their laptops. Typing and talking….

Nancy Gyes


We’re here!

All of the large, medium, and small dogs have been accounted for and are in Germany! The only hitch encountered so far is that AKC Agility Director Handy Hartman has yet to leave the USA due to flight delays. The team misses Andy and is looking forward to his arrival as soon as he can get a flight out of North Carolina.

The weather is crisp and cool and the leaves are changing color for the Fall, making the scenery gorgeous.  The hotel is beautiful and …


Less than a week to go!

Less than a week to go until the team arrives in Germany! What an amazing and dedicated group of handlers we have on our team this year.  Yes, this group of handlers is a persistent and tenacious group, with world class handling and training skills,  but more importantly, it is a group of people who represents the best that our sport has to offer; great training skills, great respect for their canine partners, and just plain head over heels in love with their dogs.  Win, …


***2010 USA Agility World Team Gear Giveaway***

The 2010 USA Agility World Team is excited to announce that we are having a 2010 USA Agility World Team Gear Giveaway this year! Anyone can get a ticket, you don’t need to buy or donate anything!

However, we are asking for people to support the USA Agility Team with donations. Half the donations will go towards our hard working Assistant Team Coach, Kathie Leggett, who travels to WT Practices and the World Championships on her own dime. …

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